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About us

Over the years, the church and its leadership have been discredited for lack of good governance and accountability in its operations. Church Administrators Society of Nigeria (CASON) is a body established to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between church managers and their counterpart in the corporate world

RESEARCH HAS SHOWN THAT: 90% of Pastors said their seminary or Bible college training only did addressed the theological part of the job preparing them for ministry. For the same reason above, 80% of seminary and Bible school graduates who get into the ministry get stocked or leaves within the first five years. 50% of Pastors are so discouraged that they would have opted out of ministry if they could, but have no other means of making a living.

RESEARCH HAS SHOWN THAT: 70% of Pastors constantly fight depression for the frustration experienced as a result of ministry work load. 80% of Pastors silently feel unqualified and discouraged in their role as Pastors.
Church Administrators’ Society of Nigeria (CASON) exists as a knowledge-gap builder for effective Management and Administration of resources in churches and other faith-based organizations (FBOs) in Nigeria and Africa at large.


To become the foremost regulatory body of excellence that sets the professional framework for the practice of Church Administration and Management.

Mission & Objective

To promote the practice of Church Administration and Management as a discipline and facilitate adherence to global ethical standards in Church Organization Management

  • We certify church administrators and managers to carry out the duties of the discipline professionally
  • We communicate Biblical Management principles to Church leaders and Managers.
  • We equip Church Administrators with contemporary requisite managerial skills and organizational growth.
  • We enlighten Church Trustees and top decision making body of the church on how to make informed decisions on contemporary statutory regulatory issues.
  • We promote the practice of administrative ethical standards in churches and ministry organizations
    We bridge the knowledge gap that exists between the church managers and their counterparts in the corporate world.
  • We operate as an embodiment of knowledge as it relates to church administration and management


CASON membership is basically in three(3) levels; Student, Affiliate and Certified Membership. It is non-denominational and open to qualified applicants from all walks of life