Register for CASON 2023

Why Join CASON

Individual members build exceptional knowledge-based capacity and church administrative competence.

  • It affords any member church the opportunity of having a strong team of leadership filled with professionals, managing its affairs with standard best practices.

It re-positions church and Para-church ministry operations in the right perspective of global organization.

It exposes G.Os, pastors and church leaders to the true measure of practice delivery by the said professional staffs in their ministry.

It helps minimize the risks involved with mismanagement of ministry resources at every level because of trained, skilled and ratified staff.

It unveils opportunity for ministry mentorship and professional guidance.

It helps create acceptable standards of measurement for staff deliverables in the ministry.

It affords individuals to chart a career path around their calling in any ministry.

It opens up members to various job listings and employment opportunities.

It empowers churches with professional staff options.

It creates manpower development and training platforms for church trustees, leadership, management and staffs.