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Sticking To Your Ministry’s Corporate Vision (2)

Having established the experience of Job with emphasis on the import of today’s ministers need to hold on, come what may in their journey to ministry’s vision fulfillment. Highlighting his exceptional values is equally important.

Job had and exhibited:

1. Administrative Competence

It takes good administrative competence to build a successful business, healthy family and functional relationships. Job had both leadership and management oversight of everything under his care. He had directors and managers in charge of his enterprises who came to give status reports of the business. The need to establish therefore, proper sustainable administrative and organizational processes that clearly state the roles and responsibility cannot be overemphasized in every ministry. This reinforces execution of the ministry’s corporate vision through achievable daily objectives.

2. Professionalism & Excellence

Without professionalism and excellence, becoming the greatest in a particular field or territory will only be a wishful dream. Job was recorded to be the greatest man in the East. For your ministry to attain its full potential, imbibing the spirit of excellence and professionalism is key. The absence of this makes a ministry’s corporate vision become lifeless to the people who serve in it in no time. Excellence pays and it attracts potential partakers of a ministry’s destiny. Professionalism breeds the outstanding edge with which a ministry delivers on its mission and embracing the culture brings maximum fulfillment.

3. Tenacity

To stick with a God-given vision in any ministry requires tenacity internally, externally, emotionally, psychologically, individually and corporately. Until your ministry’s corporate vision bears the good fruit ordained for it in destiny, an undivided focus is the bedrock of its sustenance.

Unarguably, every ministry needs a clear and compelling corporate vision. A ministry without vision (even if it takes great skill) can become mindless, heartless and drudgery. Add vision, even to so called grunt work, and a ministry life will take on an expanded and inspired dimension.

For the modern day minister, the ability to formulate a clear and compelling corporate ministry vision and stick with the same is often the difference between ministry success and failure. It is as well what distinguishes between an inspiring work life and the mere pursuit of profit, rewards or a paycheck.

Furthermore, a ministry administrator or overseer must understand that without an ongoing sense of purpose backed up with a functional mission, sticking to the ministry’s corporate vision will be challenging. To be in such a position, it makes every idea, counsel, suggestions and programs attractive for implementation even when the outcome will not positively benefit the ministry.

A Church or Para-church ministry leader therefore, needs to know that the tenacity to hold forth, even in adversity and psychological doubt rests on constantly reviewing with the Caller (God), what dimension should the vision content take next.

Constantly in ministry, the reality that the led will question the leader on the wisdom for their course is usually evident. If possible, active rebellion in both verbal and non-verbal communication could be the resultant effect. Successful church administrators over time have on the other hand come to terms with the wisdom that all rebellious acts do not necessarily require a negative reaction.

In conclusion, sticking with your ministry’s corporate vision requires an understanding that every aspect will be tested just like Job. Your ministry’s test may not be exactly like Job’s but like every student is tested, so will you. Beginning with the set man, down to his associates, the volunteers, membership, finance and the list goes on. Job waited till his change manifested on every side, quite uneasy though.

Would you dare to stick with your corporate vision as a ministry or minister? What will the juice of your communication produce to get God’s people involved in your vision to be cooperative?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Maintain your gaze on the big picture
  • Focus on the caller and sender who will equally fend for your assignment
  • Set realistic achievable ministry goals per time
  • Be unwavering in your commitment to the right priorities
  • Identify your ministry’s uniqueness
  • Treat the people God sends to your ministry as a priority
  • Realize that obstacles are tests of a functional ministry vision and adversity births purpose

Be encouraged to keep raising Church Administration and ministry ethical standards with competence, professionalism and excellence in your ministry.


Article by: Pastor ‘Tayo Prevail

Chief Operating Officer (CASON)